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The Intentional Reset Project was created when we hit our mid-life acknowledgment. After years of doing various projects together focused on blending creativity and productivity Colleen realized we needed a new project.

This podcast is a bi-weekly micro-goal oriented project focused on an area of self-care and personal growth while recognizing that the universe will deliver what it will. We share our experiences navigating the practice side of intentional living. 

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Colleen and Jamie hosted the very popular Planner Girl Chatter from 2017 through 2023.
This photo was taken during a trip in New England while taking a long winding drive up to a speaking engagement. 

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May 01, 2024x
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Coming out of our new years’s hibernation Jamie and Colleen share recent transitions professionally, personally amidst embracing intentional living. This episode discusses how we are of staying connected despite busyness, always having good snacks, and finding balance in work and personal life. The...

Resolving to rest and nest
February 10, 2024x
31:0143.4 MB

Resolving to rest and nest

Intentional Reset Project hosts Jamie and Colleen talk about why they choose resting and nesting over New Year's resolutions. They discuss their own resolutions, the history and psychology behind resolutions, and the importance of creating bite-sized goals and building habits. They also talk about ...

January 05, 2024x
37:1351.1 MB


In this episode, your co-hosts Jamie and Colleen discuss the concept of 'editing', particularly in the context of personal relationships and life choices. We recognizing that there are times in life when a relationship or obligation has naturally ended. Sharing personal insights through experiences...

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